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Wild Sea Moss
  • Ranked #1 Sea Moss of 2024*

  • 100% Organic Superfood

  • Tested for Purity and Safety

  • With Chlorella and Bladderwrack

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Expect Incredible Organic Results

Ocean’s Sea Moss is a naturally occurring superfood that may provide these sweeping health benefits in 90 days or less…

Thyroid and Metabolism

Packed with iodine and antioxidants, sea moss may optimize your thyroid and increase fat burning.

Mucus In the Lungs

Sea Moss is known to thin mucus, which helps many respiratory conditions and may increases oxygen levels.

Inflammation and Joint Pain

This product contains chlorella, for premiere calcium and mineral absorption - to support bone density and reduce inflammation.

Hydration and Clear Skin

Estimated 98% of adults are chronically dehydrated.* Sea Moss provides electrolytes, can restore minerals to retain water, and may block the bacterial cause of acne.

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No Other Brand Has the Sea Moss Blend We Have

Each serving of Sea Moss contains a custom blend of Irish sea moss and two additional organic ingredients to help you feel more results in less time.

Irish Sea Moss

Sea moss's quality and safety depends on the ocean source, moss variety, and purity testing. Other sea moss brands source their products from overseas in heavy metal waters, without proper quality control, regulations, or American testing. Our Sea Moss is Irish. The contents are organic, tested for purity, and then made safely in an FDA and GMP certified lab in the United States.


Wild Sea Moss contains powerful doses of chlorella. A seaweed superfood that boosts the effects of Sea Moss while supporting an antibody boost to expel toxins, boost the immune system, and fight weight gain.

It contains violaxanthin and lycopene, two antioxidants that can fight inflammation for healthy joints. Studies show chlorella can support blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart health within only 12 weeks.*


As we age, things start to go wrong and our bodies change. This herb has quite the reputation for delaying it by supporting metabolism, cleansing the body, improving skin, and relieving joint pain. So, we added it into our blend.

It’s high in fiber as well, clearing the body of unwanted gunk, keeping the “you know what” out of your body, and in the toilet instead.

Vitamin D3

50% of our population is deficient in Vitamin D. This nutrient is crucial for mood, absorption of calcium, and bone strength. Our sea moss contains an added 2,000iu of Vitamin D3, so you don't have to take another pill. Your daily needs are covered with this beast of a sea moss blend.

Dr. Sebi World

Famous Natural Healer

"It’s why my bones are so strong that I can fall on my knees. Sea moss is the best thing ever."

Why Is Sea Moss Important?

Kinda like veggies in a capsule

Our sea moss is called "The Miracle Of The Sea" because it's a seaweed packed with antioxidants and minerals with more magnesium than kale, more iodine than other greens, and enough potassium and fiber to cleanse the body daily.

Our body is made up of 102 minerals

These minerals have critical roles in the body. Our sea moss contains over 92 of them. Minerals can provide energy to the body, speed up digestion, decrease inflammation, maintain hydration, and balance the skin microbiome - smothering acne causing bacteria.

Electrolytes and collagen

After turning 30, your body starts stripping away vital minerals, resulting in dehydration creating negative changes in your weight, joints, and skin. An estimated 98%+ of us are pervasively dehydrated. Sea moss is rich in electrolytes, and collagen - supporting hydration, wrinkles, and joints.

Big pharma's worst nightmare

Sea moss has been used for centuries by Caribbean locals to lower cholesterol and support thyroid health because they didn't always have access to healthcare. It’s been rumored the billion-dollar medical establishment could take sea moss off the market anytime.

90 day money back guarantee

Why Thousands of People Trust Organics Ocean

Organic Irish moss

Organic Irish


Organic bladderwrack



Organic chlorella + Vitamin D3

Organic chlorella + VitaminD3

FDA and GMP Registered



Third party tested twice

Third party

tested twice

90 day return policy

90 day

return policy



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Customer Reviews

Based on 254 reviews
William Conner
Still deciding, takes a little time for opinion.

I am 74 yrs old, 6 plus decades working out in gyms, still do 5 days wkly/ 2 hr sessions, so I do know what I'm doing! It's my Laboratory, when adding a new supplement to my now 40 plus I take daily, around the clock.
Recently added shilajit, Oceans sea moss & NMN...
Do my research & proof of the pudding, is results in pleased so far with all 3, staggered the introduction of each & keep a diary of progress...keep in touch & I'll keep in touch with progress!
I like living , quality of life paramount, I demand & work hard for that Pinnacle daily.....andnever ever give up!!

Kenneth Babak
Great product

Great product. Helps with my leg pain

Joseph Guzzardo



I have felt so much better since taking this wild sea moss, I'm about to order my 3rd bottle, I take in the mornings on an empty stomach with 8oz of water, (my preference) and I feel more energy and my mood swings are alot better, I really love this particular brand, it's awesome

It's always a pleasure to hear that you've been feeling so much better. Keep up the awesome work, Angel, and don't forget to stay hydrated! Cheers to more energy and better mood swings.

kevin woodland

Great product! My skin is looking better than it has in a long time. My energy is better throughout the day and my libido is stronger

Wow! Not only is it improving your skin, but also boosting your energy and libido. Keep up the great results, Kevin. You've got this!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does your sea moss stay fresh?

Wild Sea Moss stays fresh for 4 years after opening the bottle. Store in a cool dry place.

We work with a large distributor in California to source the highest quality organic Irish sea moss low in heavy metals. Every batch is third-party tested for safety and purity sourced from the Atlantic Ocean.

How many capsules and when do I take this?

Each bottle of Organic Wild Sea Moss contains 60 capsules. Each bottle contains 30 servings of 800mg of organic Irish sea moss, 250mg of organic bladderwrack, 150mg if organic chlorella, and 2000iu of vitamin D3.

Take two (2) capsules once daily. Everybody is a little different, so try out different times of the day to see what works best for you.

How long should I take this?

If your doctor has a recommendation, it is best to follow that. Most people find sea moss to be best taken long term for lasting health benefits. I take it all year around. Do not take more than the daily recommended dose.

What are the side effects?

Sea moss is high in iodine and should be taken with care if you have thyroid conditions. Iodine is known to affect the thyroid. If you are pregnant or nursing, sea moss is said to be OK in moderation. However, we recommend speaking with your doctor as sea moss can contain heavy metals from the ocean or when in doubt.

How does your third party testing work?

All products, once encapsulated, are tested for biologics at numerous US-based labs. Raw powders are also tested for heavy metals and product ID/purity to ensure our company's quality standards prior to making all products. 

How long does shipping take?

Our free and ground shipping options are through USPS, DHL, and UPS. Typical ship time is 3-5 business days. Priority paid shipping is 2-3 business days. We fulfill/ship your order within 1 business day of your order date.

Keep in mind that USPS has delays. We do not control their shipping operations and cannot guarantee shipping times.

Shipping charges vary based on your location and the products you have purchased. For an accurate estimate of shipping charges, please proceed through the checkout process and enter in your items and address. Every order over $75 ships free as well as all subscriptions.

Ground rates start at $4.25 and priority rates at $9.

What is your return policy?

You have 90 days after purchase to initiate a refund. You must send back your bottles, even if they are empty. Email, text or call (503) 714-7182, and request an RMA number so that when we receive your return, we can issue the refund to your payment method.

You must take a picture of the returned package and send it to us via email or text, so we can ID the tracking number and expedite your refund process. Refunds will be processed upon receipt of the package or image, and take 3-5 business days to process.

Can I order on the phone?

Yes! We love to help you achieve health benefits and reach your goals. Every customer has different needs, so please give us a call at (503) 714-7182 and one of our health coaches will help you decide what is best for you.

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