All About Ocean

All About Ocean

Starting Organics Ocean was a decision made after trudging through the most gut-wrenching time of my life. My name is Daniel. I'm a published self-help author, a scientific researcher/supplement formulator, and a battle-tested entrepreneur, and this road was not an easy one...

Please note: The following breakdown of legal events is my opinion and perspective alone. There may be other details involved that I wasn't made aware of, so this detailed account is for "entertainment" purposes only.



Three years ago, I launched a supplement company named NuLevel. We formulated a product named "Crave" to help people with cravings: those with a history of trying to quit alc*hol, smoking, illicit substances, and sugar.


Coming from a family broken by dependencies, I thought it was my life's purpose to help others affected by the same torment. While casually researching, I stumbled across a long list of scientific studies on a protein called NAC. In correct doses, NAC helps with decision-making and compulsive actions. In short, studies on NAC show reduced frequency and intensity of cravings associated with all sorts of compulsions from alc*hol, to food, to narc*tics and even "compulsive hair pulling."



I was shocked at what I found. Why didn't anyone know about this? People were struggling all over the world, and right there buried in Google Scholar was all this science saying this little amino acid (NAC) could drastically help. So, I took two years to build out the formula for Crave with top scientists and formulators in the USA and started offering it online. People were getting incredible results, and the feedback was absolutely shocking.


"I've been trying to quit drinking for 6 months and nothing worked except Crave" - Customer email

"You don't understand what this has done for my family." - Customer email 

"I've been stuck on hero*n for two years. Nothing I tried worked. This helped me stop when nothing else would." - Customer email




Crave was rapidly climbing the ranks online and on Amazon finally making it to "Amazon's Choice" product. My company and our impact were featured in all the big news outlets: NBC, ABC, LA Wire, Kivo Daily, Medium, and NY Weekly.



Just a year later, as C*VID was raging across the country, the ***C (internet watchdogs) launched an investigation into NuLevel Research with an aggressive and demanding email. They said I was "trying to cure addiction", to "freeze all your files and documentation," and "stop operations immediately."


"But my website was compliantly written and reviewed by one of the best law firms in Atlanta," I thought to myself. "They said the risk profile was very low, everything we are selling is legal, and our claims are compliant." My thoughts continued racing, but it didn't matter. They were not after the truth. They just wanted us to go away.


In my opinion, the billionaire dollar elite groups don't like individuals getting healthy unless it's through big pharma prescriptions and never-ending therapies, so we sat directly in their crosshairs. They knew we were a startup and couldn't afford to fight a never-ending legal battle.


NAC was being tested by the medical establishment as a cure for C*VID. They were trying to claim it as a pharmaceutical even though it had been sold as a dietary supplement for 70 years. The motive seemed obvious to monopolize the profit associated with the v*rus and to eliminate any business that stood in the way.




The ***C didn't care that our customers were happy, that 75% of our new customers came back to purchase again, nor that our website had 8 disclaimers saying "Crave is not a cure for addiction." They didn't care about facts. After they dug around our files, and my attorneys proved again and again that we did nothing wrong, they offered me "one way out"...


I had to shut down the company and never sell Crave again and they would leave us alone.


Reluctantly, after many emotional nights and heated discussions with my legal team, I agreed. I burned $50k in inventory, canceled thousands of customer Crave subscriptions, and laid off my entire staff. The company, the customers, and the incredible formula I'd spent years building were torn down in days without any regard for our positive efforts, employees, reviews, or our customers' stories.


My life's purpose was vaporized in an instant. And it was at that moment, I fell to the floor of my office, devastated, shaking, and in tears.


You see, after building a few businesses, I realized that I only want to build things that make a difference - things that I care about. After losing NuLevel, I didn't know what that "thing" was. What else was I supposed to build? There was nothing else.




Two years later, I stumbled across sea moss. I dove into the research, and again, the findings were shocking - just like NAC. I'd briefly heard of sea moss before, but the nutrient density was something I'd never seen before. Containing 92 of the 102 minerals the body needs, this superfood can positively impact many areas in the body, and again... Why didn't anyone know about this??


From weight and thyroid support to joint health to killing acne-causing bacteria and reducing wrinkles, this thing is a powerhouse with a convincing history.


We have massive mineral deficiencies sweeping the globe because our food is terrible processed trash, and our fast-paced lifestyles warrant unhealthy choices. Harvard estimates over 75% of us are magnesium deficient, and around 95% of adults are chronically dehydrated.


Sea moss is as mineral-dense as any superfood I'd ever seen and may support reduced inflammation and a wide range of bodily imbalances.


But there were 2 big problems...


1: The FDA is rumored to be trying to take sea moss off the market. When things work TOO good, this seems to happen.

2: Sea moss is hard to consume. The raw moss is impossible to blend or measure, and the gel goes bad just 1-2.5 weeks after it's opened.


But I knew that the benefits of this superfood were too good to ignore, and I had to bring it to the masses. My team and I designed a sea moss capsule that is more nutrient-dense than sea moss gel and stays fresh for four years. I found a vision that mattered again, and Organics Ocean was born.


It is my mission to bring you science-backed formulas, so you can consistently and easily consume the minerals and nutrients you need without missing days or having a perfect diet. The products we formulate like sea moss, chlorophyll, magnesium glycinate, etc. are critically important. If the majority of adults are magnesium deficient as Harvard claims, our magnesium glycinate is an excellent tool because it's one of the most absorbable forms available.



Any products we bring you will be for a reason. We are selective. We only sell things that work, which is why we don’t stock everything under the sun. We will continue to source the highest quality ingredients available. We will always have your best interest at heart, and fight against the corruption of the health industry elites.


So, here is to your health, my friends. The fight must go on!


To our customers, thank you so much for being here. This has been a steep hill to climb and I am happy you are part of our comeback story.


All the best in life,

Daniel CEO and Founder