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We only stock formulas are designed for adults who want to slow the hands of aging, have more energy, and feel better.

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Have you ever met a supplement company whose customer service wasn't over seas? Well, now you have. Hi, we're Ocean.

GMP Certified & Third Party Tested

All our products are created in FDA registered and GMP certified facilities. Our formulas  are made in the USA using worldwide ingredients.

We Guarantee The Quality

All of our products are made with premium quality organics or pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How and when can I contact customer service?

You can place an order or contact our customer care team by calling or texting  (503) 714-7182 or by emailing care@organicsocean.com.

We are open for customer support 7 days a week:
Weekdays (Mon-Fri) from 8am-8pm Eastern Daylight Time

Weekends (Sat-Sun) from 8am-6pm Eastern Daylight Time

Please be patient as we are not in the office until 8 AM Eastern Daylight Time. We will always respond to you within 1 business day, and usually within the hour.

What information do I need to provide to make an order?

In order to process your order online OR on the phone, we require the following information:
  • Your shipping, order information & billing address.
  • Phone number & email address for order confirmation and invoice.
  • Payment method – please provide a credit card number to complete your order.

How long does shipping take and what's the cost?

Our free and ground shipping options are through USPS, DHL, and UPS. Typical ship time is 3-5 business days. Priority paid shipping is 2-3 business days. We fulfill/ship your order within 1 business day of your order date. Orders are shipped only on weekdays, Monday through Friday.

Keep in mind that USPS has delays. We do not control their shipping operations and cannot guarantee shipping times.

Shipping charges vary based on your location and the products you have purchased. For an accurate estimate of shipping charges, please proceed through the checkout process and enter in your items and address. Every order over $75 ships free as well as all subscriptions.

Ground rates start at $4.25 and priority rates at $9.

How does subscribe and save work?

You can subscribe to any of our packages by selecting the subscription option during your product selection. You can choose a duration of 1-3 months for each package to be shipped to your home automatically.

You will then be auto enrolled in an auto ship program, simply by making the selections and checking out.

After your purchase, we will send you a magic link to manage your subscription going forward. You can pause it, cancel it, and swap products completely on your own. You can also contact us directly to make any updates.

Shipping is free. Currently PayPal does not support subscriptions.

Subscriptions are the least expensive way to enjoy our services.

How long until I see results?

Keep this in mind: Every single body is different. Your results will depend upon your environment and your habits. If you sit on the couch with a bag of Doritos all day, don't expect sea moss to give you energy. If you slam caffeine every night, don't expect magnesium to help you sleep. 

Consistency is key. Make sure you have a daily supplement schedule and are sticking to it. If you skip days, it will negatively impact your outcome.

Month 1 - your body is adjusting to the nutrients. Most will notice energy changes, or better sleep. This is an adjustment phase for the body.

Month 2- your body is re-balancing and benefiting from consistent nutrient intake. You may notice an increased difference in benefits from month 1. This is where anti-inflammatory responses may begin to engage.

Month 3+ - months 3-6 is when the body really starts to adjust and build onto what you are putting into it. This is where the lasting benefits live and compound. What you notice in this time should carry with you if you stay consistent with dosing and a healthy lifestyle.

And also, if you don't get the results you're looking for, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater! For example, if your magnesium isn't helping your cramps because you have an underlying dehydration issue you aren't aware of, does that mean you should quit taking magnesium and restrict your body of the mineral? Probably not.

Who does your third party quality testing?

All products, once encapsulated, are tested for biologics at numerous US based labs. Raw powders are also tested for heavy metals and product ID/purity to ensure our company's quality standards prior to making all products.

Where are your products made?

We make all our products in the USA. Predominate manufacturing takes place in our shipping facility in Provo, Utah.  It is a FDA registered and GMP compliant facility.

What is your return policy?

You have 90 days after purchase to initiate a refund. You must send back your bottles, even if they are empty. Email care@organicsocean.com, text or call (503) 714-7182, and request an RMA number so that when we receive your return, we can issue the refund to your payment method.

You must take a picture of the returned package and send it to us via email or text, so we can ID the tracking number and expedite your refund process. Refunds will be processed upon receipt of the package or image, and take 3-5 business days to process.

My package says "delivered", but I didn't receive it. What do I do?

Rest assured, we rarely lose a package that was scanned “delivered.” Usually, it’s either around or in your post box, on the front porch, or with a neighbor.

Check there, first. If that fails, customers always have success calling their local post office who delivers their mail and letting them know. Then they can get with the driver and see where it is. Sometimes they bring it back to the post office by accident, or placed it somewhere safer per their discretion. 

We do not have control over the post office and can not coordinate re-deliveries on your behalf.

So, please check around your home and mailbox - if that fails contact the local post office to coordinate a re-delivery with your daily mail driver. 

If you don't receive your package within 7 days of the expected delivery date or notice any delays in tracking updates, please reach out to us. We want to make sure you get what you paid for.

Email: care@organicsocean.com

Customer Care: (503) 714-7182

Where is your business located?

We are a locally owned business just south of Portland, Oregon. Our team consists of web developers, graphic designers, marketers, writers, supplement formulators, health coaches, and customer care agents. Our customer service, founder, and health coaches are here in the Portland office; our technical, marketing, and shipping team work out of Utah, Asia, and Eastern Europe.